Sir Robert Borden

Sir Robert Borden

The shy guy who challenged an empire

By Irene Ternier Gordon

Canadian Prime Ministers: Warts & All series

Published by JackFruit Press, 2007, Toronto, ON 

The man on our $100 bill started life as a nerd who spent a lot of time making lists. As Canada’s 8th prime minister, Robert Borden was accused of being a boring speaker, an indecisive leader, and a hypochondriac. This all changed in 1915, when he went to meet hundreds of wounded Canadian soldiers in 53 military hospitals across England and France. Horrified by the suffering of the soldiers he’d met, Robert pledged that Canada would have a say in how World War I would be run and resolved. Against all odds, quiet, reluctant Robert got his way. Because of him, Canada morphed from a minor colonial power into a full-fledged member of the newly- formed League of Nations.

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