Welcome to my website. I am an author and researcher with a particular interest in Western Canadian history and the fur trade.

I have had 10 books published. Their titles are:

2003 Marie-Anne Lagimodière: the Incredible Story of Louis Riel’s Grandmother

2004 Grey Owl: the Curious Life of Archie Belaney

2005 The Battle of Seven Oaks and the Violent Birth of the Red River Settlement

2007 Robert Borden: the Shy Guy who Challenged an Empire

2009 Tecumseh: Diplomat and Warrior in the War of 1812

2009 A People on the Move: the Métis of the Western Plains

2011 People of the Fur Trade: From Native Trappers to Chief Factors

2013 The Laird of Fort William: William McGillivray and the Northwest Company

2017 Letitia Hargrave: Mistress of York Factory

2021 Alexander Ross and his Country-Born Family: from Columbia Country to Red River

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I am a member of the following organizations:

Manitoba Historical Society (MHS)

The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC)

The Creative Nonfiction Collective (CNFC)

North American Voyageurs Council (NAVC)

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